Why Hotel Owners Should Install Artificial Grass

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Artificial grass is not just for domestic gardens but can also be used in sport fields, school playgrounds, and outdoor settings in a hotel. In fact, it was first invented as a sports surface and was later adopted for use as a garden lawn due to many pros it confers.

As the quality and aesthetics have upgraded remarkably over the past years – artificial turf has become an ideal surface for many applications. Its durability, low maintenance, and safety make it perfect for rooftop gardens, events, exhibitions, golf putting greens, offices, swimming pool surrounds, schools & playgrounds, tennis field, etc.

One type of application that has grown popular in recent years is artificial turf in hotels and B&Bs. There are numerous reasons why synthetic turf is preferably suited to hotels, and in today’s blog, we will unfold all these reasons.

Let’s start with our first reason to install artificial turf!

1.    Reduce Maintaining Costs

Every hotel owner wants to have the lowest possible maintenance costs to boost profits. Because the cost of hiring grounds maintenance staff to keep the outdoor area clean and tidy can be expensive.

Artificial turf is a low-maintenance alternative to natural grass as it does not need mowing, feeding, fertilizing, or weeding like the natural grass and always look in presentable condition.

Fake grass requires a little more than the occasional brush with a stiff broom to invigorate the fibers and remove debris.

2.    Enhance The Guest Experience

These days’ online reviews are everything. They can make or break your hotel reputation, making the overall guest experience a crucial part of your hotel’s popularity.

This includes everything from the booking to the shuttle buses to the local airport – providing immaculately clean & tidy room and excellent customer service. The overall guest experience also includes the well-keeping outdoor areas of the hotel.

Artificial landscaping is a hard-wearing surface that can be used to create a beautiful outdoor patio for your guests to relax in, possibly while enjoying a glass of wine, scrolling their social media accounts, or with a good book in hand.

3.    Pet-Friendly Hotels

Many guests like to take their furry friends on holiday with them.

Artificial grass and pets go hand in hand. More and more hotels are making their properties pet-friendly to attract a large market segment in recent years. Excrement will not stain or damage artificial turf, and they can’t dig up the grass either – makes synthetic turf material an ideal choice for pets.

4.    Keeps Your Hotel Clean

Gardens and outdoor areas can be difficult and expensive to maintain. Installing artificial grass, on the other hand, aids in keeping both indoor and outdoor spaces clean and neat.

One of the significant problems with natural grass areas is that they quickly become mud baths during the rainy season. It gets hard to clean them as that mud will then walk right into your hotel, whereas it is impossible with fake grass as it drains off quickly.

In A Nutshell

If you own a hotel or considering renovating your property, then choose to install artificial turf as it’s an excellent investment. It has many benefits over natural grass and will completely transform the aesthetic appeal of your property.

If you are looking for high-quality artificial turf or other landscaping material, you may contact Green Yard Now to place your order online.

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