How To Make The Most Of Artificial Turf?

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Wouldn’t you love to have a lawn that is as beautiful as an emerald garden? That one that – You never have to water. You never have to mow. You never have to fertilize, and yet it always looks as beautiful as ever.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

The artificial turf looks so natural that no one will know the difference. Nowadays, there are some amazing options to make your garden as lively as possible with synthetic turf material.

Although artificial turf is very low-maintenance, it still requires some look after to keep it in its most presentable and healthy condition.

By following some simple turf maintenance tips, you can ensure your lawn looks its best all over the year.

1.    Keep Brushing!

No, we are not speaking about brushing your silky hair but the artificial turf. Artificial lawn is put down with a sand infill that gives the turf the weight to stay in place. It also provides the structure needed to make the filaments look like organic grass.

The daily foot traffic usually mats down your filaments over time –leading your lawn to a one-dimensional, flat look. Maintaining the structure of your turf requires regular repositioning of the sand infill and blades, which can be achieved with a large natural bristle broom for smaller areas. However, professional turf brushes are great options for those with expansive areas of turf.

When the artificial turf is initially laid, you should wait 8-12 weeks before brushing to let the sand and turf settle properly. You can trust the landscaping supplier when it comes to installing turf material in your yard to avoid any mashups.

Once the turf I settled, you can begin brushing every 3-4 weeks to keep the blades upright. Brush gently in various directions and patterns to attain a beautiful, lush lawn.

2.    Clean Stains Properly

Artificial turf material comprises synthetic fibers impassable to dirt, water, and other substances, making cleaning your garden a breeze. Stains can be seen as they come from animal waste, spills, etc.

To clean these stains, combine hot water and soap in a bucket and use a sponge to spot-treat stains. If you have to clean up pet waste, remove it as soon as possible and clean the grass with soap.

3.    Control Debris & Weeds

Weeding lawn frequently is enough for many people to switch to artificial turf. Unwanted weeds are limited in artificial turf lawns due to the film backing on turf rolls that allows for water drainage. This backing is very effective that suppresses the growth of anything underneath your turf’s surface.

To deal with these pesky intrudes, you will need to take a different approach than the one you may be used to deal with organic grass. Pulling up weeds by hand isn’t an option on an artificial turf lawn unless you want to ruin your yard. Using a weed killer is the best way to tackle the root of the problem. Make sure that you use a water-based herbicide to protect the face of the artificial turf.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Maintaining An Artificial Turf

Do’s Don’ts
Do keep motorized vehicles off the artificial grass, such as an electric scooters, ATVs, etc. Don’t have any explosive heat sources in your garden, such as cigarettes, grills, fire pits, or fireworks.
Do avoid gum and other sticky substances on your lawn. Don’t use complex chemicals like bleach on your lawn. Water and soap are enough to clean stains.
Do trim surrounding foliage to reduce debris from overhanging plants and trees. Don’t let sharp objects like pointy furniture legs or athletic cleats on your artificial turf.


Where To Buy Artificial Turf For Your Lawn?

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