How To Utilize Yard Signs On Outdoor Lawns?

Yard signs are very upfront with their purpose – to tell people that someone is either campaigning, selling, or restricting others from trespassing. But did you know there is more than using a simple yard sign for standing purposes?

Yard signs can also serve so many reasons than the general ones; all you have to do is think creatively to design your outdoor lawn. In this blog, we will direct you on different ways to utilize these yard signs.

Who says they can only do one thing? Read on, and get inspired!

1.    Save Grass With Old Sign Boards

Dead weeds and grass make your outdoor lawn look less than perfect. You can stop the drying process of grass by using old yard signs.

Lay your yard signs over specific spots to prevent the burning of grass from sunlight. This way, you don’t have to watch out every time for your precious grass.

2.    Branding And Campaigns

Are you selling some old stuff or offering the lot? How about a homeowners’ campaign? Yard signs can serve as a good advertising tool if you design them aesthetically in front of your outdoor lawn.

All you need to have is a good customized yard sign and quality turf material to make the signs standstill in the ground without distorting your lawn’s luxurious view.

3.    Use Signs As A Backdrop

If you or your kids have a stage presentation coming up, use yard signs as your backdrop. Not only is it more expedient, but it also makes a whole lot less of a mess.

Say adios to slaving over a stage backdrop and getting your clothes stained with the paint. Moreover, after the play, you can turn the yard signs into things you can use in the future.

4.    Build Birdhouses

If you are the crafty one, then you will love this step. Take a couple of old yard signs, some zip ties, and nails to build little birdhouses with them. You don’t have to spend bucks on expensive birdhouses because you can decorate your outdoor lawn with these DIY bird sheds.

A lovely bonus to this is you will wake up every morning with the singing session thrown by your little friends in these birdhouses.

5.    Use As A Plant Support

We all know that growing our own plants requires so much more than just a plot of land, water, and sun. Sometimes, our plants and vines need support too. For backing, you can use old yard signs for climbing plants to crawl along and stand for those plants with weaker stems.

In short, you can give your old yard signs a life by using them to support another life.

6.    Use Signs To Show Your Contact Information

If you are in real estate, you can use yard signs to put up your website, contact details, company name, and email address to tell the public about your rental services. You can design these signs as creatively as you want to bring out the beauty of your outdoor lawn.

In A Nutshell

You can utilize the yard signs in these ways, or if you have another idea, you can try that too. However, the above methods will indeed serve the purpose of the yard signs without compromising the beauty of your lawn.

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How Good Landscaping Attract More Customers

Your landscaping is the first thing a client will have their eyes on, and it plays a considerable role in making the first impression. Even passersby can create a particular perception on deciding if they would ever want to come to you for any business-related concern or not. It is significant to use quality turf material and the correct grass type per your region to leave a lasting influence on the clients. If your yard is full of dead trees, plants, or flowers, mainly just at the entrance, you are closing the doors of opportunities for your business.

As a business owner, no one can understand better than you that a good landscaping design says a lot about your professionalism and dedication to the business.

Let’s look at how good landscaping will help increase your business’s revenue:

Positive Business Outcomes

Even if you use cutting-edge technology, people are going to notice the landscape. Therefore, you have to make sufficient efforts to cultivate the garden. From every little detail related to maintenance and cleanliness, your landscape at every cost should look great. The first and foremost step is to perform proper cleanliness and throw away all the debris. Regardless of what you do, if there is trash on your property, it can never look appealing. Remove all that plastic and bags from that bush. You should pay attention to keeping sharp bed lines. During the spring season, you can ask the professionals to prepare your landscape for a new layer of mulch—a great way to stop the grass from going into the mulched area. Fresh mulch also prevents weeds and sustains moisture so that the plants can flourish. It is vital to growing the grass at a standard level to maintain a clean outlook. You should avoid overgrowing at all costs to provide a pleasant view.

Inviting Landscape

The greater your landscape gives a welcoming feeling; the more attraction it is going to attain. Your prospects are going to leave with nothing but something positive to say. You can create all that by choosing the right grass type (Kentucky bluegrass, Tall Fescue), the kind of colors you want to place. In other words, your landscape should have a particular theme to give a specific long-lasting effect. Something that is different and would make it harder for people to forget. The overall landscape should be enjoyable and relaxing to watch.

Diversify The Property

A green and luscious landscape can motivate the client to look forward to doing business with you. With a variation in plants and trees, you can fertilize your land with new flower beds. By adding the wow factor, it will draw the attention of the clients towards visiting your business.


An online business makes efforts to create an enticing digital presence. Similarly, if your business requires visitors, you should pay attention to improving the overall landscape. With a proper lawn care schedule and the assistance of qualified professionals, you can easily attract potential customers. You can experience more outstanding sales if you are offering your customers a fantastic landscape design.

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How To Prevent Fleas In Your Yard?

The battle against fleas isn’t just limited to the house or animals, but it can spread to your lush green yard. Fleas can breed and persist in the open until they find a woolly new host to latch on to. Pets that spend an excessive deal of time outdoors can lead to an infestation both in your home and yard.

Flea bites can be painful and itchy for both humans and animals. Moreover, various types of bugs have also been found to carry typhus and tapeworm. Fleas can cause an allergic reaction and even infection by scratching the bite marks.

Thus, if fleas have taken over your yard, then it is time for a lawn care schedule. Your first action is to grab a chemical pesticide and drench the yard. However, you need to follow the below-mentioned flea treatment before the situation goes out of hand.

So, let’s dive in!

1.    Clean Your Lawn

The simplest way to prevent fleas in your yard in the first place is to clean your lavish yard. Mow the grass regularly and remove weeds. Furthermore, remove any debris you see, such as rock mounds, woodpiles, or piles of leaves.

Fleas mostly prefer shady, moist, and cool environments, making your yard an ideal habitat for them to breed. They are well-known to infest trees, shrubs, outdoor furniture, piles of leaves, and even doghouses. So, make to clean all of these places, especially in the summer season.

2.    Flood The Yard

Once you have gotten rid of the live fleas, make sure no eggs remain by drowning them. Hose down your flower beds, rock piles, around trees, and anywhere else you think flea eggs could be lurking.

Water your turf until it slightly floods because eggs and larvae cannot survive this flood of water.

3.    Nematodes

Nematodes are a natural and non-toxic alternative to chemical insecticides. These microscopic worms are innocuous to humans and pets. Moreover, it won’t damage the shrubs, trees, bushes, and plants in your yard.

Nematodes nourish on flea larvae and will even attack other insects like termites. They usually come in sprays for the shady areas where pets sit, sleep, or play frequently.

4.    Cedar Chips

Cedar chips are a natural method to stop fleas. Cedar chips sprinkled in shady places where you notice a big group of fleas and under the porch, in outdoor furniture and dog bedding. You can even mow over them or pulverize them into a fine powder that will repel fleas.

How To Check Fleas In Your Yard?

The best way to check your yard for fleas is to wear a pair of white athletic socks and pulled them up as high as possible on your legs. Walk around your lawn while wearing the socks, especially in areas frequently used by your pets. Look for any fleas against the white socks, and then get rid of the socks once you are done.

In A Nutshell

Once fleas establish themselves in your yard, they can be quite difficult to get rid of. So, if you have a problem with a flea infestation, schedule a lawn care appointment with Green Yard Now.