Best Lawn Care: The Ladder To Greener Grass

Everyone dreams about having a greener lawn, but to attain one does require consistent dedicated efforts. Undoubtedly, a lush lawn does add significant beauty to one’s house. The secret lies in following the correct strategies, utilizing the best fertilizer, applying quality sprays and sod materials.

You too can have a green yard similar to your neighbor’s, in fact, better, by implementing the following strategies:

Know Your Grass

You may not have considered it till now, but knowing the type of grass on your lawn is highly essential. The grass types are mainly of two kinds: warm-season grass and cool-season grass.

It is because each grass type requires different criteria of caring. It is also essential to choose the grass type as per the region. As otherwise, you may need to work way harder for proper maintenance, or they may not grow properly at all. A healthy lawn is only achievable if you are going for the right grass type.

Some examples of Warm-season grass are Bermudagrass, St. Augustinegrass, and Zoysiagrass. They are also known as Southern grasses as they grow incredibly well in warm regions. Since they lack cold tolerance, they take a prolonged period to grow and turn green in cooler areas. The winter climate is not for them at all. However, when summer or spring arrives, you can see their true beauty. Especially during summers, you are highly likely to experience a greener yard.

The warm-season grasses tend to turn brown in winters and rich green during summers.

Otherwise known as Northern grasses, they grow stunningly in colder climates. Due to their nature, a cold environment is ideal for them. While summers, not so good. They tend to stay greener, lush, and proliferate during cold seasons. Some examples of cool-season grass include Ryegrass, Tall Fescue, and Kentucky Bluegrass.

Right Time To Fertilize

It is essential to follow a proper fertilization routine if you wish to see a green lawn. With warm-season grasses, avoid fertilizing them before they have considerably grown during the spring or late fall. With cool-season, grasses are supposed to be fertilized during fall and spring.

If you are fertilizing your garden at the wrong time, it can damage the turf and make it vulnerable to diseases.

It is vital to use a proper lawn fertilizer from ultra-organic to chemical-based. It is best to take the guidance of professional lawn care such as Green Yard Now so you can use the best turf fertilizer to achieve the expected output.

Aerate The Lawn

If you aim to grow green grass, aeration plays a vital role in helping you attain it. It greatly aids in enabling the grass to absorb nutrients and water. For aeration, you can make small holes in the entire garden at specific intervals. As a result, the grass will be able to take in the air and other significant nutrients essential for the growth of the grass.

Another need to aerate the lawn arises when the soil cannot absorb the moisture quickly and reach the root area. It is one reason that properties gradually start to turn brown, with patches of discoloration all around.

Due to the holes, the compacted soil can allow water penetration to happen quickly. Moreover, aeration done right strengthens the lawn’s resistivity towards drought. It helps in keeping the lawn green and healthy. You can contact a professional to do the job.

Avoid Over seeding

As said before, you do need to know the grass type for this. If your lawn looks old, it can be due to several reasons, such as kids playing around on it, or even pet urine can damage the turf. With a tired lawn, over seeding and reseeding areas that have become bare spots can be a good step. Then go and buy and fill the patches with the right seeds. With a bit of soil preparation, your seeds will start to sprout in no time.

With bare patches, you can use a metal rake to allow a clear passage for the new seeds to reach the soil surface. When you have spread the grass seeds, put a thin layer of soil and water it. It is better to water it twice a day for them to sprout until the grass finally comes out. And the much-awaited greener yard will be ready!


Regular watering is only one of the few steps you have to perform for successful results. With the best lawn care schedule and the right knowledge of the grass type, you can accomplish your target. As long as you are consistent in implementing the steps dedicatedlywe promise that it is only a matter of time that you finally have a green lawn.

The Right Sod Products For Your Yard

There is a large array of sod products available to decorate residential and commercial lawns. However, it is an expensive product, and selecting the suitable turf material can be nerve-wracking for many people. The right thing you can do before purchasing a new sod product is research and build your knowledge about different grasses suitable for different regions.

The maintenance practices also change depending on the region, sod fertilizer, and grass type you use for your lawn. Selecting a turfgrass variety that matches the amount of your need, money, time, and resources makes a significant difference.

When choosing sod products for your lawn, it is also essential to know that there is a big distinction between warm-season turfgrasses and cool-season turfgrasses. Understanding this difference assists you in making the right decision based on your geographic location and climate.

Let’s discuss the way you can choose the most suitable sod products for your lovely garden.

Types Of Sod Rolls And Their Features

1.    Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is the cool-season grass that is most widely used in the United States. It is a rich, emerald blue-green grass that produces a dense and lush lawn with a medium to fine texture. It has fair warm temperature tolerance and performs incredibly well in the northern parts if cared for properly. However, this turfgrass is high maintenance and takes a lot of time and resources to settle down gracefully.

Notice: Kentucky bluegrass struggles in drought conditions and does not grow well in deep shade. Thus, when using this sod product for your green space, be sure to schedule a well-regimented watering plan.

2.    Blue Fescue

Blue Fescue holds a mix of Kentucky Bluegrass and Fine Fescue. It is perfect for sites where there is a shade less than 5 hours of direct sunlight. It is also cool-season grass and has a very low tolerance for heat, shade, and drought.

Its texture is different than that of the Kentucky bluegrass because of the Fine Fescue grass blade. Blue Fescue grass is lighter green color than straight bluegrass and can grow up to a rough height.

3.    Tall Fescue 

This sod contains a combination of the wider leaf blade of the Tall Fescue with the more delicate leaf blade of Kentucky Bluegrass. It is cherished for its adaptability to a wide range of climates and tolerance against heat, drought, and shade. Tall Fescue provides lawn owners an outstanding option for improving lawn resilience.

4.    Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass that grows aggressively and has excellent weed resistance. Moreover, it is also wear-resistant and drought tolerant.

5.    Centipede Grass

Centipede grass is a tough, low-growing, low maintenance, and warm-season turfgrass that best grow in acidic soil. It has a regular texture but, with proper care, can produce excellent weed and pest resistance.

Pick Sod Products According To Your Region

  • The Northeast & Midwest region lawns prefer cool temperature grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass, Blue Fescue, Tall Fescue, etc.
  • The green space in the Southeast & Southwest region nourishes warm-season grasses like Bermuda grass and Centipede.

Thus, choose the sod products that best fit your region because it is not worth anything if you grow Bermuda grass in the Northeast region. It will only waste your time, income, and energy.

Where To Find The Best Sod Products?

Green Yard Now is your professional landscape supplier as we have the best sod products to offer that will make your garden look great with little maintenance.

Things You Need To Know About Green Yard Now

A green yard is undoubtedly a serene sight to see, but attaining a beautiful yard does require hard work and consistent dedication. A well-maintained lawn is the combined effort of you and the professional services you avail to retain its consistency. Green Yard Now LLC is a name you can trust for improving your yard. We not only have the expertise to turn it into a marvel location, but our service promises to increase your property value too.

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Benefits Of Availing Green Yard Now LLC Services?

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Green Yard Now LLC, through its innovative approaches, is always on the books to bringing improvement with projects we pick. We use the best sod products and offer lawn care advice that results in producing a phenomenal yard. Our methods can establish lawns way earlier than the traditional seeding. We enjoy our work which significantly helps us to deliver outcomes that exceed our customer’s expectations.

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